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Refereed Journal Articles

Jones-Fosu, S., Johnson, J., Richardson, S., Williams, J., & Lewis, C. (In-Press). Does race trump training: Comparing teacher training, teacher race and their effect on the educational attainment for Black students. Journal of Negro Education.

Williams, B., Williams, N., Glover, C., Lee, S., Jones-Fosu, S. (2020). Literacy, culture & pre-service teacher candidates: A summer internship experience. Journal of Education for Teaching.

Toms, O. M., Reddig, K., & Jones-Fosu, S. (2019). Assessing the diversity-related professional development needs of pre-service teachers. Journal for Multicultural Education.

Richardson, S., Jones-Fosu, S., & Lewis, C. (2019).  Black men are present: Examining enrollment trends in education degree programs.  Journal of African American Males in Education.

Williams, N., Williams, B., Jones-Fosu, S. & Carter, T. (2019) The influence of cross-cultural experiences on developing culturally responsive teacher candidates.

Williams, N., Williams, B., Jones-Fosu, S. & Carter, T. (2019) An examination of cross-cultural experiences on developing culturally responsive teacher candidates. Emerald Open Research.

Schmidt, L., Jones-Fosu, S. (2019). Teacher stress in urban classroom: A growing epidemic. Urban Education and Research Policy Annuals (URPA).

Jones-Fosu, S., Butler, B., Wheatly, T. (Revise and Resubmit). Why Brave Spaces Matter: Examining the Need to Include LGBTQ issues in Teacher Preparation Programs. The Assembly Journal. Freeman-Green, S., Hardin, S., &

Jones-Fosu, S. (Under Review). Culturally responsive lesson planning in mathematics for students with disabilities. New Waves: Educational Research & Development Journal. 

Book Chapters (Refereed)

Jones-Fosu, S. (2019). Stretched to Be Strengthened, Conquering Academia: Transparent Experiences of Diverse Female Doctoral Students, pp. 7-17.

Farinde-Wu, A., Graham, DaVonna., Jones-Fosu, S. (In Press). Forgotten, but Not Lost: The Effects of Exclusionary School Policies and Practices on Black Girls.

Jones-Fosu, S., Hopper, E., Holis, T. (In Press). "Disrupting Disproportionate Discipline Practices from Pre-service to In-Service". J. Williams, A. Davis, & C. 
Lewis, Reimagining School Discipline for the 21st Century Student: Engaging 
Students, Practitioners, and Community Members.

Book Reviews

Beveridge, C., Boyd, J., Casto, A., Cook, T. Jones-Fosu, S. (2018). Book Review of So Much Reform, So Little Change. Good as Gold Newsletter, 4(1). 6-8.



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